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Public Relations can seem like a dizzying array of documents and tasks, but Atwood Partners makes it simple for busy executives and investors to get their message out and then get back to work. We offer three core bundles of reputation management public relations and strategic communications services.

  • For Executives
  • For Products & Services
  • For Enterprises
For Executives (Individual Branding)
Being seen as a "straight-talker," a "behind-the-scenes influencer," "a privileged elite," "an empathetic communicator," etc. - these categories can all be part of the quick shorthand media use to portray you and can rub off on how stakeholders perceive you. We work with top executives and leaders to align their vision for their professional brand, how they want clients to think about them, and the current reality of their brand in the public domain. We analyze whether and how they are being portrayed today and assess the skills, coaching, and placements that will achieve meaningful outcomes at six months, twelve months, eighteen months, and beyond. We then give our clients honest analysis and an achievable plan, and stay by their side step-by-step to attain the desired results, with a concentration on top-tier financial media placement.

Common Scenarios:
  • Newly-appointed CXOs needing to set the tone for their tenure
  • CEOs or key Managing Directors lacking visibility commensurate with their firm's
  • Companies, firms, or funds that lack a "human face" for their organization, products, and services
  • Top executives who are unsure how to get the right message across when needing to speak with media or larger investor audiences
  • Company leaders who need a "new image" because what they were previously known for is no longer relevant
  • Atwood Partners reviewed its client's respected, albeit under-the-radar global luxury goods market forecast first developed 2000, and saw few media mentions
  • The lead author of the research was a recently-promoted partner, known by some industry CEOs but with a minimal media footprint
  • In 2006, Atwood Partners developed strong media relationships with luxury and retail reporters in top-tier financial media, with a focus on New York, Paris, Milan, London
  • By 2008, the research was quoted over 500 times per year, with over 33% of those mentions including a quote from the lead author
  • In 2009, industry magazines referred to the research author as "the alchemist of luxury," listing the partner among large luxury goods company CEOs as a top industry influencer
  • By 2010, the release of the annual study and its mid-year update were considered headline news in Dow Jones /Wall Street Journal, The Financial Times, Reuters, Bloomberg News, The Associated Press, alongside headline mentions in top national and trade outlets
  • By 2013, the client's luxury goods research was being mentioned nearly 1,000 times per year across all media. One third of these mentions featured the research and/or included quotes from its lead author
    • Industry executives viewed the report as contributing to increased investor calm despite a period of perceived threat during the global downturn
For Products & Services (Intellectual Property Branding)
Research and expertise are behind every product and service worth talking about. When companies succeed in sharing the thinking behind their offerings, they influence how financial media tell their stories and how key audiences perceive their value. We start with in-depth perception audits and end with ongoing results tracking and reporting. Between those two points, we create a full range of communications materials to achieve results across a broad range of channels (broadcast, print media, online business media, and social media). These materials span the full lifecycle from strategic plan for what stories you need to tell down to managing the impact of every single result and mention your products and services garner.

Common Scenarios:

  • Luxury goods makers who want to manage potential "bleed through" of financial media coverage onto their brands
  • Consulting firms looking to build out new practice areas
  • Consulting firms desiring greater return and impact from the research they carry out to master specific industry trends
  • PE firms wanting to tell the story of innovations in how they add value to their portfolio companies
  • New products and designs that result from both consumer and business innovation
See how Atwood Partners helped make an annual private equity report the tone-setter for the entire investment class
  • Atwood Partners' client developed an internal assessment of global private equity trends and sentiment among funds and investors into funds, but had never taken any of its findings out into the broader public
  • As an investment class, PE was often roughly handled in the media as corporate raiding with disappointing returns to investors and Atwood Partners set the record straight
  • In 2009, Atwood Partners began working with its client's global PE practice executives to commercialize the report in public
  • Coverage of the report and the client's broader global advisor footprint has skyrocketed since the launch of the report in 2010
  • The report was perceived as helping set the record straight about returns from top-quartile funds and on PE firms' ability to add value to the assets they buy out
  • In 2013 and 2014, the report spawned numerous country and regional editions, including China, Latin America, India, Africa, and Southeast Asia, each of which received extensive national and global coverage
For Enterprises (Companies, Firms and Funds)
Reputation is more than the sum of its parts. We create a steady drumbeat of results in the most premium media with the most influential financial voices. These results add up to how our clients' customers and key stakeholders perceive them. We integrate these results with a broader reputational plan including social media, industry trade press, industry associations and events on the national, regional, or global stage such as World Economic Forum sessions. Reputational branding creates a virtuous cycle. The more your organization and its highest-profile people are perceived as influencers, the more the media seek their voices, and the more their influence increases. We know how to build those links so that our clients' ideas turn into forces that shape their own industry trends and even impact the global economic development agenda.

Common Scenarios:

  • Consulting firms seeking greater share of voice
  • PE-owned companies looking to tell the story of turning the corner in a turnaround
  • PE funds looking to shore up positive perceptions among their LPs
  • Companies facing a potential crisis or issue that increases media attention
  • Companies with a high-profile current or former executive who is now in the media spotlight
See how Atwood Partners helped its client evolve into a visible force in the public domain
  • Atwood Partners helped its client to become a visibly respected force in helping companies around the world become more valuable
  • We helped our client achieve this through a constant global campaign of proactive engagement with the media and through a variety of corporate communications vehicles, including:
    • Building upon and promoting our client's multi-year run as a 'Best Firm to Work For' and a go-to destination for top business talent
    • Using our client's multi-country gender parity research series to help shape its public image as a leader in helping professional women breakthrough historical barriers
    • Tailoring our client's 'results' messaging for targeted campaigns in major and emerging economies
    • Working with our client's worldwide chairman, worldwide managing directors and other top leadership to help position the firm as a thought leader and practical strategist on key issues
    • Supporting client executives to connect with key audiences at premier global events such as the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland each year

Learn more about select components of these bundles by clicking the items below:

  • Media Coaching
  • PR/Communication Plans
  • Crisis/Issues Management Plans
  • Campaign Support Materials
  • Press Releases
  • Media Pitches
  • Social Media
  • Op Eds
  • Results Monitoring and Analysis
Media Coaching
Media Coaching
Atwood Partners has offered coaching workshops and pre-interview sessions to several hundred senior executives around the world to reduce anxiety and turn up the success needle. In fact, our consulting clients have been so impressed that they have asked us to deliver training to their own clients.
PR/Communication Plans
PR/Communication Plans
With many of us former consultants ourselves, we know how to define strategies and objectives, create detailed workplans for tactics, and set measurable targets to keep PR plans on track. The consulting discipline in our DNA helps set our excellence in planning apart.
Crisis/Issues Management Plans
Crisis/Issues Management Plans
The media tide on beloved companies can turn quickly when reputational issues emerge. We've been there with our clients before, even in the high-stakes world of national politics. We help clients plan for the worst while accomplishing the best, and we come to the table with solid tactics for before, during, and after a period of crisis and issues management.
Campaign Support Materials
Campaign Support Materials
Our clients receive detailed messages, fact sheets, Q&A documents and pre-interview backgrounders to keep the points that matter front and center at every point in the process of building share of voice, from the first flash of a campaign launch to the hundredth interview and beyond.
Press Releases
Press Releases
We put our most senior staff on the task of writing press releases to offer our clients astonishingly quick turnaround and the benefits of deep experience with connecting the topics of a release to the stories that top-tier financial journalists care about.
Media Relations
Media Pitches
Our top-tier financial media contacts have told us that they actually look forward to pitches from Atwood Partners, with clever subject lines, clear ties to the news cycle, and customized story ideas they just don't receive from agencies with a "spray and pray" mindset.
Social Media
Social Media
Let's face it—the difference between old and new media is eroding quickly. We help design winning social media strategies and policies to make the most of a brand presence while mitigating risks. We view it as essential to integrated campaign management in the world of top-tier media, whether with Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube or Wikipedia.
Op Eds
Op Eds
Top-tier journalists prefer to speak with experts who have strong opinions and clear insights. Editorials placed by Atwood Partners how them there's a compelling, confident, recognized voice behind the interview they are about to conduct, while giving our clients the opportunity to tell their side of the story with as much control as possible.
Results Monitoring and Analysis
Results Monitoring and Analysis
We understand that the true goal of any communications program is to drive change in stakeholder behavior and perceptions. We help clients achieve these important goals through comprehensive and meaningful measurement programs that track true campaign outcomes and impacts. We also have developed a custom web-based system for measuring far beyond mentions.