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Atwood Partners was founded in 2002 by Frank Pinto, a career-long consultant who noted a missing piece in the puzzle of how premium brands get their ideas across. He saw time and again that consulting firms were losing opportunities to connect with executives and investors by not sharing their story in top-tier financial media.

Pinto built an award-winning global public relations and strategic communications agency to help top brands change the conversation. Today, we specialize in helping professional services firms and other innovation-driven organizations shape their public image around the world. We deliver consistent results that build awareness in high-visibility media, which in turn deepens brand connections with our clients' clients and other key target audiences, both internal and external.

Atwood Partners is now a diverse and talented team of seasoned communications professionals, with accomplished backgrounds in fields including tier-one PR agency leadership, business strategy and management consulting, marketing, communications, and journalism. We focus on consulting firms, private equity firms, and top global luxury and fashion brands. Clients look to us for our ability to look at the world through their eyes but at the same time prepare them to tell their story confidently through the media's lens.

We have also developed strong and long-standing relationships in the top-tier print, broadcast and signature trade media in news bureaus around the world. Our deep expertise in story-telling and journalism has fostered trust and respect among the world's most influential reporters and presenters in top-tier financial media. Members of the media come to us because they know we have access to informed, prepared experts who help them get their reporting written, read, and shared.